Student Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully.

Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully.


The pupil must ensure they have a valid licence to learn to drive and must notify the instructor of any changes affecting their ability to drive since the licence was obtained. This includes medical reasons or endorsements. The instructor reserves the right to refuse tuition if for any reason the pupil is unfit to drive. In this instance, the instructor reserves the right to charge the full price of the lesson.

Payments and Lesson Cancellations

Payments are to be made in full at the time of each driving lesson. Discounted block payments are to be made on the first lesson of or prior to the block start date.

The pupil accepts responsibility to be punctual for the lesson time as previously agreed. If there is any reason for the pupil having to change the day of the lesson then at least 24 hours notice must be given to the Instructor otherwise the full lesson fee will be payable.

Driving Test

Your instructor will advise and discuss with the pupil the appropriate time to apply for the practical test. This advice will be based on the progress of the pupil. This does not imply that the necessary standard has been reached at the time of booking and, where necessary, the instructor will advise postponement of the test.

The instructor reserves the right to withhold the use of the training vehicle for test or lesson if, in the opinion of the instructor, the pupil is:


  1. not at driving test standard

  2. not medically fit

  3. is not properly licensed to drive

  4. under the influence of drunk or drugs

  5. regularly fails to turn up for arranged lessons

  6. for any reason, unfit to handle a motor vehicle 

  7. the pupil disregards the instructor’s advice to reschedule the test date 

When attending the theory or practical test, the pupil is responsible for taking the required documents. Failure to do so may result in the examiner cancelling the test, in which case the test fee will be forfeited and a new test will have to be applied for.

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